PP: UT Ranks 2nd in the Number of Alumni Volunteers for AmeriCorps

UT Ranks 2nd in the Number of Alumni Volunteers for AmeriCorps

By Davina Bruno

AUSTIN, Texas – The University of Texas at Austin ranked second in the number of university alumni that volunteered last year for AmeriCorps, a network of national service programs, according to an AmeriCorps report released Feb. 12.

AmeriCorps engages Americans in community service to meet the nation’s critical needs in education, public safety, health and the environment.

“I am grateful to AmeriCorps for the recognition and I am proud of the university’s tradition of volunteer service,” said William Powers Jr., president of the University of Texas at Austin. Last year the university contributed 116 undergraduate and graduate school alumni volunteers.

The university has been providing volunteers to AmeriCorps since the organization started in 1993 and has since contributed over 1,200 volunteers. In 2013, the University of Texas came second to the University of Washington in the number of alumni representing each school.

The university’s contribution of admirable volunteers “has been instrumental in helping AmeriCorps achieve its mission of improving the lives of all Americans,” said Emily Jabowski, director of AmeriCorps.

The organization also improves the lives of student volunteers by providing the student volunteers with benefits such as health care assistance, a stipend, and help to repay current student debts and graduate degree costs.

“In this tough economy, we’re advising students to look seriously at national and community service options,” said Michael Kaden, career counselor for the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin.

There are a number of capacities volunteers can fill including combating illiteracy, improving health services, cleaning parks and streams, and building affordable housing.

“I had a great experience in AmeriCorps,” said social work alumnus, Joe Racke who volunteered with AmeriCorps in 2013. “I got to help wonderful people, help our country and grow as a person.”



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