CS + PP: The City of Waco

Waco Texas sits between the two bustling metropolises of Austin and Dallas, and certainly doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to shadowing the vibrancy of its sister cities. Waco presents visitors with a culinary oasis, filled with Asian, Italian and American flavors, and brings the convenience of food parks and trucks to hungry workers, shoppers and excitement-seekers.

Industrious citizens are wise in bringing such an excellent variety of food to the table, because this diversity pairs well with the cultural and educational landscape of the town. Home to Baylor University, Waco is also the known for its numerous art galleries, zoos and breweries, most notably the Dr. Pepper Museum and the Bear Habitat sponsored by Baylor and its citizens’ love for animal preservation.

Beyond these excellent attractions, the true community-minded spirit of Waco can clearly be seen in its Cultural District. Here, visitors and locals enjoy poetry readings, festivals, live music, exhibitions and other events that are both engaging and family-friendly. Lovers of theater are continually entertained by Waco’s therapeutic array of symphonies, theater groups and dance companies, each bringing a unique brand of creativity. For people wanting to experience and not just observe the city’s culture, several large festivals pop up each year, attracting visitors from other states and cities to join in the fun. From the Heart O’ Texas Chili Festival to the Cinco de Mayo Fest, events run almost through the entire year.  

And of course, as a college town, Waco‘s nightlife is thriving; there’s no shortage of specialty pubs and restaurants, and that suites the population just fine. Apart from the entertainment draws of the city, Waco is a shopper’s paradise. For higher-end shoppers, there’s specialty boutiques galore, eager to cater to wild and extravagant needs. For penny wise shoppers, antique and thrift stores abound, not to mention art and gift shops. With this Texas town, there’s an obvious and almost electric attraction that flows very directly from the people.

In Waco, we see not only ingenuity and industry, but a strong love for the environment, the community and of course the state of Texas. Residents stay, and visitors don’t want to leave, and that in itself, makes Waco a true treasure.


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